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Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. This is the place to transform your dream into reality...by learning how to start, grow & scale your own online business.

It's All In The System

Entrepreneurial success depends on a few key things. Everything that we do and teach is centered on a single Entrepreneur System that is simple and measurable.

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  • Profitable Business Niche

    Confidently identify, select and test a niche for your entrepreneurial business.

  • Proven Technology Pieces

    Save time, energy & monies by implementing pieces of technology that are proven to work together.

  • Predictable Client Generation

    Leverage proven "Lead Generation Processes (LGPs)" to drive potential prospects to your website.

  • Converting Sales Machine

    Utilize a predictable sales machine to convert a high percentage of prospects into paying clients.

  • Reliable Client Transformation

    Implement our "backwards design" approach to ensure that you deliver the results that your clients want.

  • Continuous Improvement Process

    Utilize "fitness metrics" to monitor and continuously improve the health of your online business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about our Cashmap Entrepeneur School and whether it is a fit for you? Spend a few minutes now to review some of the most common questions asked by our members.

What exactly is the Cashmap Entrepreneur School?

Will you teach me how to set up an ecommerce store?

Will you show me how to sell physical products online?

How can I submit my application to become a student at your school?

What type of people are students at the Cashmap Entrepreneur School?

I'm just getting started in my entrepreneurial journey. Will your school help me?

I already have an entrepreneurial business. Will the content in your courses still help me?

Do I need to have any experience to be able to become a student at your school?

Our School

My name is Dr. Brad Semp and I'm the founder of the Cashmap Entrepreneur School. Way back in 2006, I discovered that entrepreneurial training was weak & ineffective. What I wanted was a single & complete training system that covered everything I needed to know about starting and growing a profitable entrepreneurial business.


After investing a great deal of time, energy and money to figure it out on my own, I've now packaged it all together into a system to help others to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Our Students

I want to say thank you so much for an awesome course!  I desperately needed to learn and understand what constituted a successful online business - before I made any move, and I'm so glad I did. I've learnt so much and am excited about my journey. Your program more than delivered!

Desiree M.


Your courses document and communicate in an easy-to-understand visual format that help entrepreneurs to create an online business that is both effective and efficient.

David Anderson

TTEC Executive Vice President

Free Entrepreneur Training

Join us on this free entrepreneur training to discover the step-by-step approach to building a profitable online business.

  • Gain clarity about the one system that you need for success

  • Reveal the #1 mistake that sabotages your success

  • Discover the 3C approach to building an Entrepreneur System

  • Learn how to speed up your success (and profits)

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Cashmap ES was founded in 2008 and started by building and sharing "Cashmaps" as training materials for entrepreneurs. Today these maps have been transformed into a full training program for building an online business.

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